Workshops for Beginners

Whether you are a weekend actor looking to explore the basics or someone who wants to develop key communication skills and confidence – there is a DSM workshop that you can sign up for!

Foundation Skills in Acting:

Acting is has been described variously as an art, a craft, a reaction and a state of being. At the DSM we believe, acting, indeed drama as a whole, is a function of doing. And hence our Foundation Skills in Acting workshops focus on practical approaches to character and stagework. These workshops are held 3 to 4 times in a year and conducted each time by well-trained, experienced actors. FSAs are ideal for stage beginners of every age who want to take a sip before diving in deep. This past year the DSM has hosted:

To Apply :

Send an email to  or Call/WhatsApp us at: +91 9619336336

You may not be considering a career onstage, but theatre techniques can enhance your skills in any profession. So if you want to:

  • learn more about yourself
  • face your fears and move ahead with confidence
  • define goals and achieve them
  • be aware of and face challenges and threats
  • think outside the box, solve problems creatively, and, learn to take action
  • learn how good storytelling and aesthetics can help you in every situation

The weekend acting workshop is your space to be.

This past year the DSM has hosted workshops by:

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Weekend Acting Programme

Advanced Workshops

The seed of the DSM lies in the desire to create a place for theatre practitioners to build their practice. We continue to stay true to our intentions by exploiting every opportunity to bring gurus of traditional Indian forms, leading international theatre-makers and accomplished masters of the art and craft of theatre from across the world to Mumbai to share their vast knowledge and skills with our theatre industry.

These advanced workshops range from week-long engagements to 2 day intensive sessions open to those who have been dedicated to theatre and allied spaces for a few years.

This past year the DSM has hosted:

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