The Drama School, Mumbai stall at Education Show 2013

Come visit The Drama School, Mumbai stall at Edutainment Show 2013 at J. W. Marriott on 4th & 5th May between 10am-7pm.
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Information Session In Mumbai

At the Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Girgaum
Time: 11am-1pm
On Sunday, 28th April and again on the Sunday after, 5th May.

Meet the Faculty as they talk about the school and the course in detail.

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"The Stage is Set" Hindu Newspaper

The Drama School, Mumbai gets featured in The Hindu.

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Mid-Day says High Drama Expected At This School

The Drama School, Mumbai gets featured in Mid-Day

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The Drama School Gets Featured in the Mumbai Mirror

Yay! Our first press article, with kind thanks to Reema Gehi.
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Kalki Koechlin talks about Theatre Professionals

Kalki Koechlin, Actor, Writer, Director, Participant, Intensive Drama Program 2009Kalki Koechlin

“The chance to work with the likes of Anamika Haksar Sankar Venkateswaran would never have been possible if it weren’t for Theatre Professionals. I cannot think of any other theatre centric teaching facility in the city that is as consistent and reliable in terms of professional practitioners and quality of work.

The workshops and especially IDP helped me keep in touch with the craft and sharpen my tools as an actor. In a busy city we often forget the value of Riyaaz, of keeping the body in regular practice, and Theatre Professionals gave me the chance to do that.I also feel there is an immediate need for a theatre school in Mumbai, as most of our acting schools only focus on Bollywood and film and look forward to Theatre Professionals evolving into the kind of drama school that trains actors for the stage.”

Manasi Racch talks about Theatre Professionals

Manasi Racch, Actor


Every time I’ve done a workshop with Theatre Professionals, I have always learnt, improved and evolved as an actor. The idea of a theatre school sounds really exciting. Coming from Jehan and his talented team, one can expect a kind of training that will take any actor a long way. I think a school like this in Mumbai is good news for all aspiring and professional actors in the city. Wishing Jehan and team lots of luck and good wishes.

Quasar Thakore Padamsee talks about Theatre Professionals

Quasar Thakore Padamsee
Artistic Director, Q Theatre Productions.
Founder, Thespo


Theatre in Bombay has gone through many phases. Each phase building upon the last. The Chabbildas Movement, Prithvi, Thespo are all chapters in the city’s theatre landscape. The work the TPPL is doing looks certain to be the next BIG phase for Bombay theatre. For too many years, groups and directors have had to ‘invent it as they go along’. With a proper training programme and drama school, TPPL is serving the community at large by creating prepared actors. This will not only lift the level of work, but free creators to spend less time ‘teaching’ and more time building shows in rehearsal.
Today a career as an actor, and particularly a theatre actor is no longer an oddity. It is a viable option for scores of young enthusiasts. The proper training will equip them with the tools to be ready for that first audition or rehearsal.
I think the Drama School is a necessity in today’s cultural landscape. I wish it all the best. And wait eagerly to work with the graduates of the first batch.