Acting Theatre Making Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Acting and Theatre-making is a one year full time course of intensive practical work. For One Year students:

  • Study the fundamentals under highly trained actors, theatre-makers, and producers
  • Make Theatre every week with critical feedback
  • Learn from the best practices from across the globe
  • Perform and tour a new production under professional theatre directors
  • Intern with prominent theatre companies and organisations

The class size for the program can go up to a maximum number of eighteen students.

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The Workshops

Acting – conditioning classes develop the fundamental instruments of the performer – the body, voice and mind. Improvisation, scene study and performance classes work on achieving a unity of breath, movement, speech and imagination in order to be able to deliver the fundamental unit of performance – the action.

Creation – devising classes, weekly theatre making assignments, and play-making projects through the year provide the fundamental skills with which to craft storytelling experiences, starting from learning to compose a single moment of theatre – the event – through to the complete theatrical experience the play.

Entrepreneurship – entrepreneurship and producing classes, production work, and classes in communication, play reading, arts and aesthetics, equip students with industry awarenesses and the tools to become self-driven creators and producers of their own work, in addition to providing them with skills for being able to develop effective plans for their own career paths.

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