Sanjna Kapoor talks about Theatre Professionals

Sanjna Kapoor
Co-founder, Junoon Theatre Group


“We are at a curious time in Bombay today. I believe it is a time of great hope. Where the theatre community seems to feel a need for training and bettering its skills, where the audience is willing to pay more for theatre tickets and where the corporate world is looking at developing means to value the arts (like awards etc). It is more than timely that Theatre Professionals sets out to begin it’s Drama School to impact the ecosystem and offer a valuable opportunity for theatre artists to gain skills and experiences that will impact the world of theatre to come. We need more independent organisations like Theatre Professionals to contribute to building the factors of infrastructure that are so lacking – and is so necessary to see a vibrant Indian theatre. I wish this Drama School endeavour all the very best!”


Gulshan Devaiah talks about his experience at TPPL's IDP

Gulshan Devaiah, Actor
Participant, Intensive Drama Program 2009


“I generally consider myself a film actor (because i love it) although my foundation is theatre. I believe that actors must expose themselves to all kinds of art . An active mind creates an active imagination.
The IDP workshop (2009 batch ) was very critical in my development as an actor because I realized during the course of the two weeks how I could channelize things I knew and was learning there to help me prepare better and perform with confidence in front of the camera. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the masters of the craft . I became more aware of my body and my senses . My concentration improved . I began to use my voice better and discovered some techniques from traditional theatre like the use of breath and posture .its amazing when you discover how you can use a kudiyatam technique on film and it looks amazing and nobody knows what you did . It was fun to learn about music and rhythm , learn moves from various martial arts and folk theatre and sometimes generally play the fool ….. Inspiration can come from anywhere . I was certainly inspired after my IDP workshop.”

Kunal Kapoor talks about his experience at TPPL's Intensive Drama Program

Kunal Kapoor, Actor
Participant, Intensive Drama Program 2011

Kunal Kapoor

“I think what I got most from the workshop was awareness. Whether it was awareness of my physical self or my surroundings, awareness of my voice and the sounds around me, and awareness of the possibilities available to me as a performer. The whole workshop for me was a sort of a mind stretch, the opening up of various doors as a performer. I think i have come out of it with greater ability to focus, concentrate and more importantly with a renewed enthusiasm for the craft of acting.”

Atul Kumar talks about Theatre Professionals

Atul Kumar, Artistic Director, The Company Theatre

Atul Kumar

Under the aegis of Theatre Professionals, Jehan Manekshaw has made possible for Mumbai-learnings from various teachers and masters of traditional and modern theatre forms from all over India and abroad. The skills, techniques and ideas acquired by students in an intensive programme are then contextualised in contemporary practise.
And now, they are moving in a new direction- that of creating a full fledged theatre school that ends in performance productions. I solicit all support to Theatre Professionals for this endeavour and urge young and old theatre practitioners to consider this journey