E-Natya Chaupal @thedramaschoolmumbai

E-Natya Chaupal @thedramaschoolmumbai
Tracking the Theatrewallahs

E-Natya Chaupal

Like the head nod to gestures, the term theatrewallah is unique to the Indian performing experience. It doesn’t just mean actor or director or even theatremaker. It doesn’t refer to the light designer or sound engineer, stage manager or prop manager, the person handling tickets at the box-office or the one bringing in the fresh round of chai at 5 PM. It’s not the kindly dhobi ironing clothes in the green room or the gullible usher welcoming the guests with a smile. It’s not the one signing the cheques or even the one filling the bank account.

A theatrewallah is none of the above.

And yet, a Theatrewallah is all of it.

And the one thing that a student of theatre in India must know, is to respect and learn from the Theatrewallah.

This is why The Drama School, Mumbai doesn’t just focus on stagecraft. For our students to be able to immerse themselves in the theatre experience, the module insists that they spend sometime with a theatrewallah of their choice. In the corporate world, this process would be called an mentorship. At DSM, we call it theatreseeking.

In June, we bring you 3 of our best theatreseekers from Batch 2014-15. They will present their understanding of 3 theatre lives to an attending and virtual audience at an E-Natya Chaupal moderated by none other than Deepa Punjani, editor of the Mumbai Theatre Guide.

Roshan Mathew, Niketan Sharma and Mandira Bahl – DSM Alumni – will share the backstage stories of three really interesting people.

Sitaram Kumbhar, or Sitaram mama, the intrepid doer of all things at Awishkar Theatre. He is the keeper of keys and the maker of rules, as Roshan describes him. His 46 year journey in theatre is the humbling story of a man who came to came to Mumbai in the 60’s, sold sugarcane juice and vegetables of a cart, lifted and built sets, rang the bell and is managing the stage and so much more for the actors at Awishkar.

Dalit Activism in India has often used the arts to express its anger, pain and aspirations. And in recent times, at the forefront of this movement, has been Sambhaji Bhagat. The man who inspired and then composed the music for the movie Court is the subject of Niketan’s theatreseeking.

And the final presentation of the evening will be about Mandira’s time spent with Paresh Daru. From the J. J. School of Art to revolutionizing set design in Gujarati Theatre, Paresh Daru is an award-winning veteran who can inspire not only with his work but also his life.

So, come on in, or join us online to celebrate lives in theatre and theatre in life. See the real person behind a persona, understand and acknowledge contributions of every name on the credit list, and begin in your own way to learn, consume and seek.

Dates: 24th June
Time: 4.30 PM
Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Girgaon, Charni Road East, Mumbai.
Call: 9619336336 / Mail to: info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in

Entry Free

Aadyant: Two evenings of 9 new pieces of theatre by 13 graduating students

13 Graduating Students | 9 New Pieces of Theatre | 2 Final Evenings

The third year of rigor and intensive training at The Drama School, Mumbai comes to an end. It is time once again for our students walk into the world as confident actors, theatremakers and creative entrepreneurs.

But before they leave, they have two last evenings to share as DSM batch 2015-16.

Stories & Myths | Personal Truths | Dystopian Visions

Dates: 9th & 10th June
Time: 6.30 PM
Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Girgaon, Charni Road East, Mumbai.
Call: 9619336336 |   Mail: info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in

Entry Free

E flier

Weekend Acting Programme with Padma Damodaran

Attention, all you theatre enthusiasts; the wait is over!
We are back with another edition of our Weekend Acting Programme. Read on for details.
Dates: 28th,29th May, 4th,5th,11th,12th,18th,19th June 2016
Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Fees: 8000*
Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Kele Wadi, Dr. Bhalerao Marg, Girgaon, Charni Road East, Mumbai 400004.
About the Instructor:
Padma Damodaran
Padma Damodaran, a former business journalist, wears many hats. She is an actor, choreographer, writer, and trainer. She was the Programme Head for Professional Training and Development at Theatre Professionals. Her work on the Intensive Drama Program 2012, was seminal in preparing the programme for The Drama School, Mumbai.
She has been nominated as Best Supporting Actress in 2008 and 2013 for Rumi: Unveil the Sun and Q Theatre Productions’s So Many Socks respectively, at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META). She currently acts in Manav Kaul’s Colour Blind, Jaimini Pathak’s The Boy Who Stopped Smiling and Yuki Ellias’s Charge. Recently, she donned the Director’s hat for Somethings Simple’s Given which was performed at Writers’ Bloc 4.
Who can do it: The workshop is open to all non-practising theatre enthusiasts, who want to use theatre techniques in their respective areas of profession.
Workshop Takeaways:
4 weekends of rigorous training to discover the craft of acting
Develop confidence, self expression, and communication skills
Define goals and focus on them.
Learn more about yourself, your environment and others around you.
Think outside the box, solve problems creatively, and most importantly, learn to take action.
TO APPLY: Send your CV and a cover letter stating why would you like to do this workshop on info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in.
A5 flier
* Do not hesitate to apply because of fees. We have options for those with genuine financial difficulties.

Extension of deadline to submit Application for OYCC Batch 2016-17

Attention! Attention !! Attention !!!

In view of the requests received over the weekend we have extended the last date to submit the applications for admission to Batch 2016-17 of One Year Certificate Course in Acting and Theatre Making to the 6th of May.

Don’t miss this deadline!

Send your application NOW!

You can download the application form here.

For more details call us on 9619336336 or write to us on info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in.


Foundation Skills in Acting: Meisner Technique

While admissions are on in full swing at The Drama School, Mumbai, we continue our work of bringing the theatre community training of an international standard.

For the first time, explore how actors access their own vulnerability to create memorable characters through the Meisner Technique  

Dates:  9th to 14th May 2016

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Girgaon, Charni Road East, Mumbai.

Fees: Rs. 6000/-

EligibilityThis workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to begin exploring acting as well as people who are practicing theatremakers.

Workshop Takeaways

– Basic principles of the Meisner Technique  

– Using Repetition for acting

– Understanding and applying: Independent Activity, Justifiable Reasons, Reasonable Urgency

– Understanding and applying: Truth, Reality of Doing, Following your impulses, Listening, Vulnerability

– Getting rid of defense mechanisms, owning our true feelings and our unique Point Of View

About the Instructor:

Raghav Aggarwal

The William Esper Studio, New York |Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai

Raghav is a graduate of the Two-Year Acting Conservatory Program at The William Esper Studio, where he trained extensively in the Meisner Technique. He has trained in voice, movement, dance and physical theatre. He acts on stage and in independent cinema.  

To Apply :

Send in your CV with a cover letter that tells us why you would like to be part of this workshop to info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in or call 9619336336 for details.


A day of theatre at The Drama School, Mumbai

Open day workshop April 16

Spend a day at The Drama School, Mumbai.

Get a sampler of our teaching at The Drama School, Mumbai with three FREE workshops with our leading faculty members:

Date: 2nd April

Venue: Dr. Bhalerao Auditorium, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Kele Wadi, Girgaon, Charni Road East

Workshop Line-up

11am: Yuki Ellias – The space of play

12pm: Puja Sarup – Working with Masks

1pm:  Jehan Manekshaw – Move with words

To participate in these workshops please register yourself on info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in or call on 9619336336.

After a rigorous day of training you ought to wind down with some entertainment.

Watch the last show of Juliet aur uska Romeo  presented by the current batch of students of One Year Certificate Course in Acting and Theatre Making.

Time: 7pm

Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Kele Wadi, Girgaon, Charni Road East

Donor passes available on BookMyShow and at venue for Rs. 200. 

A two day Lavani residency programme with Team Sangeet Bari

In a first, The Drama School, Mumbai and Geetanjali Kulkarni’s unique initiative Tarapa – a cultural initiative by QUEST, join hands with Sangeet Bari to bring you a two day residency in Lavani.

Lavani’s essence is live music & singing, direct dialogue with audience & ribald moves. Today, this complicated, nuanced art form has been reduced to an ‘item number’. This residency aims to introduce people to the forms of Lavani, the classical dance skills it employs and showcase how a Lavani performance comes together.

Lavani eflyer

Dates: 16th & 17th April, 2016
Fees: INR 6000*
Venue: Tansa, QUEST Campus, Vadavli Rd. Sonala, Taluka- Wada, Dist- Palghar, Maharashtra
Facilitated by:
Shakunatala Nagarkar:
Traditional Lavani Artist | Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee
A household name in Lavani, Shakuntala Nagarkar has been doing Lavani since the past 50 years and has trained thousands of performers in footwork, singing and abhinaya

Bhushan Korgaonkar:
Writer | Producer | International Speaker on Lavani
Bhushan’s critically acclaimed lavani show ‘Mi Kaat Takali’ explores lavani as a medium to express women’s sexuality. He has also written a book called ‘Sangeet Bari’ in Marathi (Rajhans Prakashan, 2014) that documents the lives of lavani dancers.

Savitri Medhatul:
Filmmaker | Actor | Director
A freelance filmmaker based in Mumbai, Savitri directed ‘Natale Tumchyasathi – behind the adorned veil’, a documentary film that chronicles two genres of lavani. Also active in theatre, acted in various productions of Akvarious Production and worked as assistant director with Sunil Shanbag

Eligibility: Open to all however, preference will be given to performers. This residency is Gender Non-specific. Knowledge of Marathi is NOT necessary.

To Apply :
Send in your CV with a cover letter that tells us why you would like to be part of this workshop to info@thedramaschoolmumbai.in or call 9619336336 for details.

*Fees are inclusive of return transport in a private bus, dormitory style accommodation and food.

Juliet aur Uska Romeo on tour

The Drama School, Mumbai’s “Juliet aur Uska Romeo” is out on a tour to Ninasam Theatre Institute, Heggodu and Ranga Shankara, Bangalore.

Here are the details:

On: 17th March 2016 @7.15pm

At: Mini Theatre, Ninasam Theatre Institute, Heggodu


On: 19th March 2016 @3.30pm & 7.30pm

At: Ranga Shankara, Bangalore

Tickets available on BookMyShow

JAUR Bangalore Poster


Juliet aur uska Romeo

The annual production is a highlight at The Drama School, Mumbai. This year, the third batch of The Drama School, Mumbai students will bring onstage Shakespeare’s immortal story of love, betrayal, dreams and death that has inspired generations: Romeo & Juliet.

This Valentine’s Weekend,

DSM Batch 2015-2016 proudly presents

   ज्यूलिएट और उसका रोमिओ

(A Retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet)

Supported by Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh and the Theatre Professionals

JAUR Low-Res image

This isn’t the glamorized tale of star-crossed lovers that has been the inspiration of generations of suicide pacts. It is the story of Juliet – who chose love at every turn, who refused to let the anger and impulsiveness of those around her change her heart, who knew what she wanted and went for it with all her might – and the story of her Romeo.

Dates: 12th, 13th, 14th February

Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh

Time: 7pm

A black-box theatre experience| Hindi| 95 mins

Donor passes available on BookMyShow for Rs. 200

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