Every theatrewala has this passionate worm inside himself to perform onstage, but one initially encounters the world of the inglorious backstage.

Backstagewala koni is a narrative that gives us the inner shades of a struggling actor who wants a golden chance to prove himself to satisfy his glorious passion.

He tries hard through various means and ways, from struggling to enter a particular Theatre group to get a chance to get a single entry on stage to satisfy his passion.The narrative humorously represents the variety in the types of actors audiences and critics who altogether develop a full throttle drama. It also hilariously describes the process of a play and various motifs used during its process.

Narrative’s humor deliberately points out the various categories of people with different perspectives and ideologies that are present in the field of Theatre and Arts and Backstagewala Koni shares such a story of our young protagonist who has come to accomplish his dreams but can’t really make his journey from Backstage to On stage. But is he still satisfied?


Production House: Awishkar

Written and directed by
Yugandhar Deshpande

Geetanjali Kulkarni
Shilpa Sane
Umesh Jagtap/ Suhas Sirsat
Swapnil Sarav
Kiran Pavaskar

Duration: 50 mins

Language: Marathi


28th October, 7 PM
5th Floor, The Drama School Mumbai, Girgaon, Mumbai – 400 004
Rs. 200/-
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