November@theDSM: Dramatic reading of Shanta Gokhale's new piece!

With November, we become more aware that the year is about to end. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. You can make it better by being a part of theatre by participating in a workshop, be part of the conversation surrounding theatre, or even just attending a reading of a new play by the legendary Shanta Gokhale!

In November, we bring you three amazing events to be a part of. The details as follows.

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Explorations with Body, Sound and Space with Sanjukta Wagh


The Drama School Mumbai has another incredible Foundation Skills in Acting Workshop in November. Conducted by dancer-actor Sanjukta Wagh, the Exploration with Body, Sound, Space workshop will focus on body, sound and space, and how proper utilisation of all three leads to great performance.

The workshop draws from varied sources like choreological studies, improvisation as a studio based practice, Kathak, contemporary technique, Navarasa sadhana, Hindustani music, yoga and voice movement therapy to give participants insights into body, space and sound and basic elements of improvisation with sound, movement and embodiment.

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Performance@theDSM: Backstagewala Koni


Every theatrewala has this passionate worm inside himself to perform onstage, but one initially encounters the world of the inglorious backstage.

Backstagewala koni is a narrative that gives us the inner shades of a struggling actor who wants a golden chance to prove himself to satisfy his glorious passion.

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