An initial exploration of the Alexander Technique might seem a fair bit complicated. But one also realises that, as a performer, it is probably one of the most effective tools to enhance your craft. A good teacher will not only give you the techniques to do this, but she will enable you to imbibe it to your regular practice. And that is exactly what Sarah Barfoot’s two day intensive workshop in Alexander Technique did for its participants.

Day 1 started with an introduction to the Alexander Technique. The participants were guided through basic body exercises to gain an understanding of the technique,and feel its effects on the body, the breath and the voice. The focus of Day 1 was to gain a deeper awareness of the body through the technique.

Day 2 was a more practical approach to the Alexander Technique with exercises becoming more advanced, and an effort to move towards long term application of the technique. The participants were given a chance to feedback to the facilitator, and address individual issues and concerns.

Our overwhelming participant feedback unanimously asked for a follow-up workshop. So if you’ve been a part of this workshop, or have missed out – keep watching this space!