The Foundation Skills in Acting workshop in the month of September was titled Acting Through Voice, facilitated by Hetal Varia. The workshop was a five day programme, designed to facilitate an understanding of the role of voice in performance by going to the depth of the contents of what voice is all about and how to better its delivery.

Day 1 was about knowing what voice work is all about and embracing one’s own voice. Day 2 and 3 moved on to knowing how body and breath are instrumental to the way one uses their voice, and learning how to make their optimum use to deliver voice in a better manner.

Day 4 explored text with the renewed understanding of breath and body, and putting into practice the learning from the workshop while also focusing on delivery.

The workshop ended with further exploration of text and voice, and also addressed individual vocal concerns of the participants.

Hetal ensured that the workshop remained fun while being informative for the participants. Participants went away with an understanding of the theory of voice work, along with a practical application of the same.