Alumnus Niketan Sharma brings his play Adrak to The Drama School Mumbai!

Teaming up with him are alumni Trinetra Tiwarii, Dheer Hira, Niharika Lyra Dutt and Kartavya Anthwaal Sharma, and co-writer Abhishek Kumar.


About Adrak

Adrak is a story which revolves around three characters namely Vikrant, Nischay and Anokhi.

The bond between Vikrant and his younger brother Nischay is such that they both feel dependent on one another. But it’s difficult to say who is more dependent on the other!

Nischay can’t find a space to live independently. Also, he is so comfortable living in the shadow of his elder brother that it is very difficult for Nischay to live away from Vikrant.

Anokhi comes in Vikrant’s life and eventually in their home (to live in) and the equation changes.

Vikrant and Anokhi’s relationship starts affecting Nischay? Or is Nischay affecting them?

Are they in the same soup now or is of them a missing ingredient?

The play starts with Vikrant and Anokhi falling apart after 4 years of their relationship resulting in a separation.

It later unfolds on that single day when Anokhi is coming back to get her stuff back. This creates all the chaos and ruckus in their lives.

After this incident, things would not be the same for all of them..specially for Nischay!

Come, watch the play at The Drama School Mumbai.


Date: 24th June, 2017

Time: 7 PM

Venue: 5th Floor, The Drama School Mumbai, Girgaon, Mumbai – 400 004

Tickets at the gate.