Crumpled – A Compilation of Imperfect Love Stories


DSM alumnus Aakash Prabhakar comes to DSM with Crumpled, a compilation of imperfect love stories. Aakash is accompanied by a talented cast and crew who make these five stories something you will remember for a long time.

Crumpled will be performed on the 27th of May at 7 pm. Of course at The Drama School, Mumbai.


Crumpled is a compilation of 5 modern short love stories of 10-15 minutes each showing what and how relationships are all about now in the contemporary times.

Written by: Aakash Prabhakar, Julianne Homokay, Rahul Rai, Kalpak Bhave.

Cast: Aakash Prabhakar, Chirag Lobo, Gaurangi Dang, Himanshu Sharma, Mahnaz Damania, Manu Gupta, Rajan Sharma


The stories:

The Connection

Written By Aakash Prabhakar

Life without the Internet seems pretty impossible doesn’t it?

The Connection is a story about what happens when a young couple go through a traumatic loss of loosing their (internet) connection for 10 minutes and what happens for those 10 minutes and how they find a deeper connection with each other than the one they lost.


The Tinder date

Written By Rahul Rai

“Tinder” which is so widely used and loved here in a city like Mumbai, is loved may be because people who use it are from Mumbai, or any other metropolitan city.

What happens when a boy from Haryana who moved into Mumbai goes on a tinder date with a “Mumbai Girl” is what The Tinder Date is all about. Was swiping right really the right thing to do?



Written By Kalpak Bhave

Sometimes people really wish they could just go back in time, may be just for a few seconds, sometimes you also have to be really careful of what you wish for. Hasan makes a choice, which his girlfriend Tara is clearly not happy about and he wonders if he would have done the same if he could go back in time just for few seconds ..and he does go back in time..

He would have done the same? He wouldn’t? May be he…


The Wedding Story

We always go for the stereotypes don’t we? Create the most typical characters while we tell our kids a bedtime story? It is Usually about A prince and his princess, whisking away on a white horse to Hawaii for their honeymoon after their marriage? The storyteller who tells this story will surely be surprised when these characters suddenly pop out from the story his weaving to tell him what the reality is. Of course, in front of all those kids he is telling the story to.


The American Dream

Written By Aakash Prabhakar

A nice big house in California or Washington Dc may be, two cars, two kids, make a lot of money and enjoy that lifestyle that we see on television or hear our relatives living all the time is usually what we want isn’t it? That has always been the dream. The American Dream is a monologue about the American dream that a boy always chased since he was in 4th grade. But not all dreams come true isn’t it?

Who cares if it doesn’t? Life moves on anyway..



Date: 27th of May 2017

Time: 7 PM

Venue: The Drama School, Mumbai